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A B2B Services Hub between consulting and collaborations to bring international trade to the Iberian Peninsula. Three Iberian companies with different areas of expertise will put their know-how at the service of foreign companies to stimulate the creation of wide-ranging commercial, promotional and institutional operations between Spain and Portugal.

The Iberia Project aims to create a flexible and adaptable ecosystem that responds to companies' individual needs. Whether it's commercial services, institutional support or promotional strategies, the goal is to provide tailored solutions that allow companies to thrive while strengthening economic ties between the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of the world.

The project was launched in


The field of international business is constantly evolving, with fast-moving markets and companies looking for innovative solutions to remain competitive. At the center of this dynamism is the Iberia Project, a visionary initiative created to serve as a reference point for international companies looking to the Iberian Peninsula as a strategic location for their growth.

Events in the framework of Project Iberia

Discover a rich tapestry of learning experiences within the vibrant framework of the Iberia Project. Our workshops and conferences are designed to ignite curiosity, foster collaboration, and deepen understanding across a spectrum of disciplines.

The Iberian Peninsula is positioned as a key region for trade and investment, mainly due to its geographic location as a bridge between Europe, Africa, and Latin America. This position has been further enhanced by the growing economies of both countries, which have booming sectors such as tourism, renewable energy and technology.

In addition to the positive economic environment, the business environment on the peninsula has become increasingly favorable. Reforms undertaken by both countries have resulted in reduced bureaucracy, tax incentives for investors and greater protection for businesses.

The richness of talent in the peninsula

is a key factor

The educated, multilingual and often specialized workforce is an attraction for companies seeking high-quality skills. In addition to human resources, the Iberian culture, gastronomy, and lifestyle have a special appeal, often serving as a draw for international talents.

Opening up the peninsula to growth markets

Is an invaluable asset

Especially given its connection to Latin America and Africa. Finally, political and economic stability, along with the advantages offered as members of the European Union, makes Spain and Portugal attractive destinations for foreign investors and companies.



The Eurometal Project





The Iberia Project Hub provides specialized and targeted services to international companies aiming to expand, establish or have relationships with Spain and Portugal. Below we have outlined a range of services and advice that are available to companies.

The union
of companies

The Project is the result of the union of intent of several international companies, including three Iberian companies that will divide the provision of services according to their area of expertise. Let us briefly introduce Tetra from Spain, Frenetic Mirror and Odyssey Benefit from Portugal. The various experiences and unique stories of the three companies enrich the Iberia Project, ensuring comprehensive and multidimensional consulting to foreign companies.

Barcelona, Spain


Specializes in computer programming, home automation, computer system and software sales, and computer consulting.
One of the factors that has contributed most to our growth is our specialization in home automation, a distinctly growing field that aims to simplify people's lives through automated systems.

Taking advantage of the opportunities of this technological revolution, Tetra has expanded its customer base and partnerships both domestically and internationally.

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Frenetic Mirror Unipessoal Lda is a Lisbon-based company that specializes in trading, importing, exporting and brokering products and services. It also provides services in logistics, warehousing, transportation and distribution of goods. In addition, we offer business and management consulting, operational assistance, domestic and international travel arrangements, and corporate event management.

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Odyssey Benefit

Talented designers, IT gurus, and engineers who turn dreams into reality. Odyssey Benefit makes your design dream come true. Whatever you have envisioned for your home automation or workspace automation, we are here to make it happen. Since 2000, our professional and creative team has been designing the most meaningful spaces for clients. Let us guide you to an outcome you will enjoy.

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