1st Quarter summit

Seville, Spain | February 7-11 , 2024

Seville served as the backdrop for the inaugural annual summit of entrepreneurs participating in the Iberia Project, a pioneering event that brought together brilliant and visionary minds in the field of innovation and entrepreneurial development. This meeting represents a milestone in the calendar of any professional who wishes not only to expand their network but also to immerse themselves in a stimulating environment where future ideas take shape. The summit offered a series of workshops, discussion panels, and networking sessions designed to maximize interaction among participants and facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences. Industry leaders had the opportunity to present successful case studies, discuss common challenges, and explore new market strategies through constructive and collaborative dialogue. Highlights of the event included celebrating the achievements of Iberia Project participants, reflecting on the successes that have marked the past year, and discussing lessons learned. Additionally, plans for new projects and initiatives were outlined, with a special focus on emerging opportunities on the horizon. The gala evening, an exclusive event that concluded the summit, was an opportunity to further strengthen professional and personal ties in a relaxed and festive setting. Featuring prominent industry figures and special guests, the gala not only celebrated successes but also encouraged a shared vision for the future. The Seville summit is just the beginning of a continuing journey of collaboration and innovation. We invite all entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and innovators to join us at next year’s edition to continue building on this momentum and together shape the future of our industry.