Project Objectives and Innovations  

Facilitate Access to Premium Aluminum: The project will harness Spain’s import advantages to procure high-quality aluminum, which will then cater to the discerning demands of Italy and Germany.

Ensure Reliability: Historically, finding a trustworthy aluminum supplier posed significant challenges for European businesses. The Eurometal Project, through its rigorous certification and verification processes, ensures that every product is of top-tier quality. This introduces a much-needed level of reliability in the aluminum supply chain.

Streamlined Supply Chain: Beyond just procurement, the Eurometal Project aims to revolutionize the entire aluminum supply chain. By offering products that are not only of prime quality but also come with full certifications throughout the production chain, companies no longer need to invest extensive resources in verifying product quality or supplier reliability.

Competitive Pricing: By leveraging Spain’s historical trade relationships and its well-established expertise in the metallurgical sector, the Eurometal Project guarantees aluminum at competitive prices for Iberia Project participants, making it an economically viable option even for premium products.  

The Eurometal Project envisions the acquisition of high-quality aluminum by Spanish companies. Once imported and processed, this precious metal will then be channeled to the markets of Italy and Germany, where the demand for quality aluminum is steadily growing.

Spain, thanks to its strategic geographical location and excellent port infrastructure, has emerged as a crucial hub for the importation of aluminum in Europe. This backdrop makes the country an ideal candidate for the innovative “Eurometal Project.”

One of the major attractions of this project is price competitiveness. Companies participating will have the opportunity to access this essential raw material at competitive costs, benefiting from Spain’s historical trade relationships and its long-standing expertise in the metallurgical sector.

But the Eurometal Project doesn’t merely offer aluminum at favorable prices. It also places a significant emphasis on quality and reliability. All raw materials and semi-finished products involved in the project undergo rigorous checks. Every product that passes through the Eurometal Project comes with guarantees and certifications that attest to its quality. These certifications are not limited to the finished product but extend throughout the entire production chain, ensuring transparency and trust for customers.

Italy and Germany, two of Europe’s industrial powerhouses, have varied and robust demands for aluminum.

In Italy, aluminum is paramount in sectors such as automotive manufacturing, construction, packaging, and even luxury goods. The Italian automotive and design industries, known worldwide for their quality and innovation, rely heavily on high-quality aluminum for both structural and aesthetic purposes.

Germany, with its highly advanced automobile, aerospace, machinery, and equipment sectors, places rigorous standards on its aluminum input. The German automotive industry, in particular, as it moves towards more lightweight and fuel-efficient vehicles, demands aluminum that meets stringent quality and performance benchmarks.

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