Project Objectives and Innovations

Reinforcing Portugal’s Role: Amplify Portugal’s established position as Europe’s major timber gateway by enhancing integration with Brazil’s rich wood resources.

Sustainable Procurement: Prioritize ethical sourcing, aligning with Brazil’s commitment to ecological preservation and sustainable forestry.

Championing Social Justice: Ensure fair wages and commendable working conditions, reflecting our belief in balanced economic and social growth.

Certified Supplies: In collaboration with entities like Aca Global, guarantee consistent, high-quality, and certified timber from trusted suppliers.

Global Collaborations: Utilize events like “Madeira. Pai da Civilidade” to foster international cooperation, promoting shared insights and strategies for the ethical timber trade.

Innovation & Technology: Continuously integrate cutting-edge solutions to elevate efficiency and product quality in the timber supply chain.

The Project Iberia believes in the sustainable international timber trade. Rooted in a strategic partnership between Brazil and Portugal, this initiative aims to streamline the import and export of Brazilian wood into Europe, with certifications for sustainability and social justice.

Our primary objective is to create a principal gateway for Brazilian wood into Europe, offering participants the opportunity to be an active part of this trade and benefit from this economical network. We are committed to ensuring that the entire process adheres to the highest standards of environmental and social ethics. We believe in responsible forestry, ensuring minimal ecological impact, and providing fair working conditions and wages for our workforce. This is a reality now thanks to important investments and partnerships, as with Brazilian company Aca Global.

Brazil, with its vast expanse of over 516 million hectares dedicated to forestry, is a powerhouse in the international timber trade. Boasting the second-largest forest cover worldwide, its commitment is evident through sustainable practices, including 8 million hectares of sustainably planted forests. Brazilian timber yields have consistently surpassed global benchmarks. In the European domain, particularly in partnerships with countries like Portugal, Brazil’s timber contributions are invaluable. With strong historical ties and a focus on ethically sourced and processed wood exports, Brazil is primed to strengthen its influential role in Europe’s timber market.

Certification bodies scrutinize every piece of timber that is a part of the project to ensure adherence to international standards of sustainability. We prioritize the preservation of biodiversity, reduction of environmental footprint, and the well-being of communities involved in the process. This adherence to stringent environmental and social norms ensures that the timber entering the European market is not only of high quality but is also ethically sourced and processed.

This project will be the center of the ethical international timber trade. We are in the process of expanding our network, inviting stakeholders to join hands in revolutionizing the timber industry. Our vision extends beyond commerce; we are nurturing a community where sustainability, social justice, and economic prosperity coexist and flourish.

The International Event: Madeira. Pai da civilidade. Entre passado, presente e futuro. In conjunction with our ongoing efforts to bolster the international timber trade network, we recently hosted a prominent business event in Portugal. This summit convened industry leaders, policy makers, and stakeholders from around the globe to forge connections, share insights, and strengthen collaborations in the timber market. The event was a monumental success, resulting in the establishment of a robust international network. It served as a platform for dialogues on innovation, sustainability, and the future of the timber trade. Discussions revolved around enhancing technological integration, policy framework, and business strategies to boost the international timber market while ensuring environmental and social responsibilities.

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